Book Review Great Evangelical Recession

Book review news about The Great Evangelical Recession. Reviews, interviews and some of John’s recent contributions in national media outlets. Continue scrolling down for additional content.

World Magazine
A Faith Tested in the Fires

June 30, 2014

USA Today & Gannett Newspapers
Michael Sam and HGTV
May 13, 2014

The Table video Podcast (2 parts)
with Dr. Darrell Bock
Howard Hendricks Center for Cultural Engagement
March 25, 2014

Leadership Journal & Christianity Today
Drinking the Cup of Bitterness
, Dec 14, 2013

Leadership Journal & Christianity Today
God’s Definition of Success for Pastors
, Oct 28, 2013

Dallas Theological Seminary
Chapel presentation
with Dr. Darrell Bock
October 08, 2013

USA Today
Christians Responding to Hate
September 21, 2013


Virtual Violence Becomes Reality

September 19, 2013

The Dallas Morning News
Persecution of Christians in Egypt
August 29, 2013

USA Today & Gannett newspapers
America’s Spirituality & Miley Cyrus
August 27, 2013

World Magazine
When Reasoning is Labeled Islamaphobia
August 13, 2013


Media praise Jesus Biography from Muslim Author
July 24, 2013


Q with Jian Gomeshi, CBC Radio & affiliates
“Decline of Evangelicalism”
begin listening at 52 minute mark

“God & Arizona Firefighter Tragedy

July 09, 2013

Fox News
“Rapid Decline of Christian Influence”
July, 2013


The Washington Post
“Wake Up, Evangelicals”
June 27, 2013

700 Club Interactive, ABC Family
TV interview, “The Great Evangelical Recession”
April 2013

Leadership Journal & Christianity Today
“Hybrid Ministry”
April 15, 2013

CBN TV book review
April 12, 2013

Pastor Mark Driscoll blog
“A pastor and good writer breaks down the state of evangelicalism.”
March 20, 2013


Janet Parshall/Moody Radio
“The Great Evangelical Recession” & Reza Aslan
August 10, 2013

VYRSO book blog
“An Interview with John S. Dickerson”
March 11, 2013

“A Word to Christians – Be Nice”
February 10, 2013

The Washington Post
“Lessons from Dan Cathy”
January 31, 2013

Tony Morgan Live interview
“Why the Church is Stuck”

February 2013

Moody Radio interview
Chris Fabry Live!
January 15, 2013 (hour 2, start at 6 min.)

World Magazine book review
“a young pastor’s thoughtful discussion of what American Christians are doing right—and what we’re doing wrong.”
January 19, 2013

The Washington Post
“Is the Evangelical Brand Redeemable?”

January 09, 2013

book review the great evangelical recession john s dickersonThe New York Times
“The Decline of Evangelical America”
December 15, 2012

Ron Edmondson
“Responding to Hate”

January 12, 2013

john s dickerson great evangelical recessionOutreach Magazine
“Restarting the Evangelism Engine”

January 03, 2013

The Gospel Coalition
“The Great Evangelical Recession” by Trevin Wax
January 10, 2013

book review the great evangelical recession john s dickersonThe Blaze
“Is the Death of Evangelical Christianity Imminent?”

December 17, 2012

book review the great evangelical recession john s dickerson
Avid Reader Book Review: The Great Evangelical Recession
December 24, 2012

“I would encourage every ministry leader to read this book.”

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